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Ayam Cemani's

are a breed from Java, Indonesia. The beak, tongue, comb, waddles, meat, organs and bones appear black. The Roosters comb and waddles will appear reddish as they mature. Cemani's black color is a result of excess pigmentation of the tissues which is caused by a genetic condition "fibro melanosis". Some chicks may have white toes or white on the wings, which is rare, and usually goes away with the first molt.

They will start laying at a young age and lay cream colored eggs. Their egg production is approximately 80-120 eggs per year. Hens weigh up to 4.5 lbs and Roosters weigh up to 7 lbs. Adults feather coloring are black and with a purple-green sheen to their feathers in the sunlight.

Cinnamon Queens

are a hybrid laying machine that lays extra large brown eggs. They are a hybrid between a Rhode Island White Hen and a Rhode Island Red Rooster. The chicks develop quickly and are fast egg producers. They will start laying at a young age and will produce large and extra large brown eggs. The Hens will weigh 6-7 lbs and Roosters will weigh 8-9 lbs. Their egg production is approximately 250-320 eggs per year. Adults feather coloring for hens will vary from brownish with white and rooster feathers will vary from white with light to dark brown.

Our breeders are fed high protein quality feed made available 24/7 and allowed to free range at times. They are also fed oyster shell's so the egg shell is thicker and will handle shipping well.We keep a clean henhouse and laying boxes so our eggs are clean as not to have to wash them because it is harmful to the eggs to do so if we have heavily soiled eggs we hatch them ourselves or eat them we use a 95% water 5% peroxide solution and lightly mist our eggs just before incubation it has increased our hatching rates to where they are now.

Our hatch rate is above 90%. With the shipping and mishandling that can occur, like over heating or colder weather, it can kill a fertile egg.

We are offering 12 fresh eggs. We wrap each egg individually within the carton and then bubble wrap the carton for shipping.
Eggs are collected twice a day and will be fresh when shipped. Estimated delivery dates includes seller handling, time, origin zip code, destination zip code, time of acceptance, and receipt of the cleared payment. Eggs are shipped within 2-3 days so we can provide you with the freshest eggs possible using USPS priority mail. We do our best to pack the eggs securely and safely. We are centrally located in Missouri so your eggs will get to you quickly no matter where you are in the US.

Please keep in mind these are embryos due to the shipping and mishandling that may occur along the way that may damage them along with incubation issues we have no control over the hatch rate once it leaves our hands. NO Guarantees on hatchability - NO refunds - Order at your own risk.

We sold 162 dozen Cinnamon Queen Hatching Eggs last year with reviews of great hatching rate and the hatching eggs were received in great condition. I strive to ship the freshest eggs possible and get them to you just as fast as the postal service will deliver.

Hatching Eggs!!
To Order Call @ 1-573-569-3676

Our hatch rate is above 90%

For Sale Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs

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Hatching Eggs!!
To Order Call @ 1-573-569-3676

Our hatch rate is above 90%

For Sale Cinnamon Queen Hatching Eggs

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To Order Hatching Eggs
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