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We have sickle hook crappie jigs, powder paints, fluid beds, soft baits, jig bodies, Ozark rods and more...


Unpainted or Custom Powder Painted, Multiple Jig Weights, Sickle hooks available in 3 colors, Heat Cured, Eyes are clear, Ready to fish!!
Starting at $11.49 per 100

Round Head Double Barb Head Jigs
Click image to Enlarge
Round Head Double Barb Head Jigs
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Premium Roundhead Staggered Barb Collar Sickle Hook Jig Head
The staggered barb collar holds your plastics better than your standard single barb collar.
These hooks are premium super sharp, light wire, bleeding red, gold, or black chrome Matzuo sickle hooks.
The hook-up ratio greatly improves over standard hooks due to the wide gap.
Hooks the fish in the boney part of the mouth the majority of the time.
These are hand poured from clean lead which makes a nice finished product.

Avaiable Powder Paint Colors

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For custom or bulk orders (1,000+)
Give us a call @ 1-573-569-3676
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